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Plan your day, week, month and year in advance with our journal.

Note down your goals for the year, and your goals for self care, career, health & fitness and relationships at the start of each month.

Plan your week with our to-do-list, your expenses with the budget trackers, your meals with the meal planner and your shopping with the grocery and shopping list at the beginning of each week.

Aldo,  use our journal prompts at the end of every alternate week to answer questions you might not have thought of otherwise! Prompts help you to remember what you are grateful for, what you want to achieve in life, etc, and cherish memories too!


Email us your photo/design for the cover to once your order has been placed.

Personalised Journals

SKU: 0021
PriceFrom ₹1,000.00
  • Sizes: A5 and B5

    Once you receive your order confirmation, please email us your photo(s) for customisation to !

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